Posted by: soscall | 01/05/2015

APAC Top 10 eLearning Movers & Shakers for 2014

A number of these movers and shakers are speaking at The Australian Learning Assembly –

Ripple Effect Group

The 6th annual ‘eLearning Movers & Shakers’ list has been published by Bob Little (UK) and reflects the top 10 most influential people in corporate eLearning globally and regionally. I’m honoured to again be included in the Top 10 in the APAC region – along with respected colleagues, Ryan Tracey, Joyce Seitzinger and Michelle Ockers. Movers & Shakers 2014.001

2014 was a turbulent year across many industries and it appears this was also experienced in the corporate eLearning context. In the APAC region, the rationale for selecting influencers shifted in response to the changing workplace contexts. The regional selection committee considered 3 key factors:

  • Willingness to share knowledge (peer-to-peer learning) – not just opinions or selling products – typically via social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Publishing case studies and research on how to achieve improved outcomes
  • Innovation

In particular, the APAC region identified that simply talking about traditional eLearning was no longer good enough. Organisational…

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