Posted by: soscall | 11/19/2014

Marketing and Communicating for Student Recruitment and the Australian Higher Education Sector

Tim Grainger, the Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at ANU College of Law,
Australian National University will be drawing on examples from higher education institutions in Australia and around the world, and will cover the challenges (and opportunities!) presented by deregulation, immediate and longer-term considerations for university marketers and student recruiters, and planning and preparing for the transition to a fully deregulated environment



  • How does one effectively highlight the unique features of a university, going beyond the act of plastering a generic message?
  • How can you win their trust and translate the marketing campaign into generating actual numbers?
  • What are the digital marketing must haves?
  • What is the expected impact of deregulation – what this means for student recruitment and how can you best respond?
  • How does one influence the mindset of prospective students to view the university as valuable?

Personalising the marketing campaigns is challenging particularly in an industry that is ever competitive. ‘Talent Development’, an otherwise passive term, can assume a highly competitive focus when thrown in the ambit of higher education and universities – officially referred to as ‘Student Recruitment’.

In a highly deregulated environment, this has become a powerful means of revenue generation as universities across the globe are vying to attract an impressive degree of international and domestic students. In…

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