Posted by: soscall | 10/13/2014

Marketing and Education – Student Recruitment – Using the Full Marketing Mix – Part 1

Dr Brian's SmartaMarketing Blog Number 1

Dr. Brian Monger


Student Recruitment Marketing Needs to be more than Advertising

What Should Effective Marketing Involve?

What is Needed to Market Better? To Recruit (and Retain) Students

Know the Situation/Environment

The Most Important Element – Know Your Market

Know the Market – In Great Depth – or Be Less Effective, or even Fail

The Four Basic Questions of Marketing

Understanding the Market in a Marketing Way

What Do Student Buyers Like?

Basic Student Expectations

Targeting Student Segments for Recruitment

Bases for Creating Segmentation Profiles

How does one influence the mindset of prospective students to view the university as valuable?

How does one effectively highlight the unique features of a university, going beyond the act of plastering a generic message?

How can you win their trust and translate the marketing campaign into generating actual numbers?

What are the digital marketing must haves?

What is the expected impact of deregulation…

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